Is My Data Safe?

We protect what you care about most : your Data. We are building our Ellpha platform with data privacy as a first principle..
On our website, we do not record any communication content. We’re committed to protecting personal privacy and we mandate that our customers abide by data privacy policies to protect employees’ personally identifiable information (PII) and private confidential information (PCI).


Secure data transfers

For the pilot phase, we will use secured data transfers – with encrypted files transferred via SFTP. We will encourage you to anonymize the data where relevant, and we will delete all your data at the end of our project together. Our Bias Detection Engine™ is built to be fully compliant with all data regulations and GDPR. When available as a SaaS platform, Ellpha will interface with selected HR software (like WorkDays which you told us you were implementing) through standard APIS calls, and all your HR data will remain stored in your enterprise database.All personal information is anonymized and all HR sensitive data never leaves your Enterprise.


Opt-in to empower

If you decided to enable Ellpha Bias Live Check™ module (which will be available in the future as part of our Ellpha Bias Detection Engine™) , and depending on your internal data privacy policies, Ellpha will enable you to use a data privacy consent statement at login that explains important information employees need to know, such as how personal data is gathered and used. Ellpha encourages ‘opt-in’ mechanisms to fully engage and empower individuals to participate and engage in addressing bias and increasing diversity.

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