Why work with Ellpha?

Gender Equality is good for the World, good for the soul and good for Business.

Ellpha blends data, experience & unique technologies to create a gender-balanced world, faster. We want to help you make a step-change in diversity outcomes for your organisation and give you the tools to become truly un-biased in hiring, promotions, communication and behaviour.

  • Ellpha is focused on limiting bias in Talent Management, across the full talent flywheel.
  • Attract, hire, manage performance, promote, and retain tasks all become easier.
  • Ellpha is developing its SaaS engine which will integrate at every stage of the talent management cycle (launching 2020).
  • We are building innovative software which will detect and correct bias at an individual & collective level, live, in business context.
  • Ellpha is today able to offer diversity audits on historical data, and deliver to you rich insights and recommendations.
  • We easily illuminate bias in your HR processes.
  • CEOs, CPOs and HR professionals now have the tool to create an inclusive culture and limit bias in all aspects of talent management.
  • We are also building tools to coach individuals in managing their talent without bias and ensure their communication is bias free.

The best way to understand how Ellpha can help you meet legislative changes and achieve your organisations bias goals is to contact our team.

The 5 minute bias survey

Ellpha is able to detect and correct bias, live, in business content using our unique
Bias Detection Engine™. Take 5 minutes today to see how biased your business may be and what you can do about it.

Your organisation may have a unique opportunity to drive change and adopt innovative approaches to drive gender balance, at pace.

What about your sector?

Gender Equality varies wildly across different business sectors and the benefits of a more balanced business can have different positive effects too. Here are some examples of where a new approach to bias has paid dividends.

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