You, your team and your organisation now have the opportunity
to accelerate towards a gender-balanced future.

Ellpha gives business the tools it needs to become truly un-biased in hiring, promotions, communication and behaviour.

An opportunity for all

Ellpha is an untypical AI business.
Our systems are able to detect and correct bias, live, in business content.
On your communications, on your website and in your Talent Management documents.

Explore bias

How did a financial business close its gender pay gap?

Ellpha Bias Detection Engine™ was able to identify some systemic bias in both the promotion and compensation for this international organisation

What is gender bias?

At the workplace. In hiring decisions. Governing promotion criteria. We see both a challenge and opportunity in the growing reliance on algorithmic decision making… Insights coming soon…

How did a technology business become gender balanced?

Case studies that show how Bias Detection Technology can work for your sector will be added shortly… check back soon