Why invest in Ellpha now?

  • Help us change the world…
  • Increase diversity & inclusion is a burning platform for enterprises, in desperate search of a solution
  • Use innovative AI technology & social science to detect bias and accelerate changes in organisations and  people
  • Solve gender bias today, tackle other bias tomorrow and champion cognitive diversity tomorro
  • Amplify Ellpha early traction…
  • Working with top AI talents
  • Supported by committed advisors
  • Recognised as an Innovative ‘Deep tech’ Start-Up by French Tech/ BPI
  • Building its AI Bias Detection SaaS
  • Learning from Ellpha’s early adopters
  • Invest in a market growing exponentially
  • Demonstrate your commitment to gender equality and join us NOW on our ellpha journey…

For all investment opportunities please contact our CEO and head of data science
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