Key features of Ellpha for your business

Ellpha is an AI led solution amplified by Human design and years of business experience.
We serve an ethical and commercial agenda, helping you achieve an unbiased business faster.

How Ellpha works
Our services

  • Support your CEO, CPO and CDI with insights and tools to create an inclusive culture
  • Now HR professionals can detect and limit bias in hiring and talent management, faster
  • Give your managers the tools they need to reduce bias in performance reviews & increase retention of women
  • Ellpha is an AI led solution amplified by Human design
  • Built by an experienced team with decades of real world business experience
  • We serve an ethical and commercial agenda, helping you achieve a bias free business faster

The best way to understand how Ellpha can help you meet regulatory changes and achieve your organisations bias goals is to contact our team.

How Ellpha works

Ellpha is able to detect and correct bias, live, in business content.
A Social Science model that uses AI to assess your data and runs its Bias Detection Engine™, alongside your normal tools and workflows, to provide you with actionable bias insights that can be quickly actioned.

  • Ellpha is a contextual model, using dynamic word embedding and benchmarks set by you
  • It’s multi-dimensional, combining state of the art Machine Learning with NLP models and sentiment analysis
  • Ellpha provides suggested approaches for you to improve gender balance and pay gaps as well as improving women’s retention and happiness
  • Ellpha is software integrated into your workflow to detect & reduce gender bias at all stages of talent management
  • It looks at personal and corporate bias
  • Ellpha can also take into account structural and societal bias to help you build a more diverse, more powerful workplace

The Ellpha free online trial is coming soon.
For now contact the team to arrange a demonstration.

Deploy Ellpha

Embed Ellpha in your workflow easily and securely

We have already launched our talent products to help you build a better balanced business future - but what else do we need to get you on a bias-free track?
We are launching our Live Engine soon, connecting your workflow with your bias ambitions that will be followed by our live tool, removing bias in real-time.

Bias Detection Engine™

Offers Insight & tools to create an inclusive culture and help you achieve an unbiased business, faster. Provides live bias check, coaching and recommendations.

Ellpha Live Coach

Empower your managers and teams to address and correct bias to build a balanced business future

Ellpha Talent Solution

Shine a light on invisible bias, highlight ‘hot-spots’ and the next actions to take.

Questions people often ask us

Ellpha can help you and your teams build a more balanced business future. If you have any questions not answered here contact the team and we will be straight back with you.

We protect what you care about most : your Data.

We are building our ellpha platform with data privacy as a first principle.. On our website, we do not record any communication content. We’re committed to protecting personal privacy and we mandate that our customers abide by data privacy policies to protect employees’ personally identifiable information (PII) and private confidential information (PCI).

To enable the Ellpha Bias Live Check™ module (which will be available in the future as part of our Ellpha Bias Detection Engine™) , and depending on your internal data privacy policies, Ellpha will enable you to use a data privacy consent statement at login that explains important information employees need to know, such as how personal data is gathered and used. Ellpha encourages ‘opt-in’ mechanisms to fully engage and empower individuals to participate and engage in addressing bias and increasing diversity.

The issues that Ellpha solves are not new.
Gender & Ethnic equality are legal requirement in the workplace.
And that applies across the talent cycle, from hiring, developing, promoting, rewarding ... right to the time when people choose to leave.

Are you compliant? Or are there biases in some of the processes you use which could one day put you in a difficult position? Talk to our team to find out how we can help